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Chimney Cleaning

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The chimney is one of the most dangerous and neglected parts of your home, it can be dangerous to your health and can cause fire risks in the event of lack of maintenance.
Depending on the use, we recommend a regular cleaning / maintenance plan to avoid problems and optimize the operation of your chimney.
The LPA Desentupimentos team offers a set of competent professionals, equipped and prepared to carry out professional chimney sweeps.
Our chimney cleaning method consists of using a specialized brush with 50 meters, assisted by vacuum cleaners to collect the dirt that the ducts contain. We clean all types of chimneys, be it fireplace, kitchen, stove and the like, including chimney plumbs in buildings. After our intervention, which normally lasts only about twenty minutes, your fireplace will look like new,clean and safe. Additionally, you will save firewood and avoid fumes inside the house. Also in this process there is the possibility of assistance with video inspection equipment.

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Our picket line is at your service 24 hours a day. This service is performed by experienced professionals. For more information about our 24 hour unblocking pickets, call us and speak with one of our assistants now. At LPA Desentupimentos we are prepared to help you at any time and resolve with all professionalism and rigor any type of interventions, from the simplest to the most complex.

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