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For unclogging Sewers, Pipes and Cesspits, trust LPA Desentupimentos, the best Unclogging company at the lowest price on the market! Call by 964 340 525 | 914 755 671 WhatsApp!

The unblocking consists of clearing an area congested by external agents. Food scraps, excess fat or hair are some of the most common causes of clogging of drains or pipes. Professional unblocking has the objective of removing the elements that cause the obstruction, leaving the inside of the pipes completely clean. This work prevents the spread of bacteria, the existence of bad odors and other harmful damages to your daily life, health and the environment, as well as preventing major problems in your channeling, such as floods or infiltrations.

At LPA Desentupimentos we work with specialized technicians to deal with complex or urgent situations and we have the best solutions and materials to restore the normal functioning of the water drainage system.

We work in a mechanized way and using rotating electrical systems, to unblock small diameter pipes in domestic sewers, and hydrocleaning systems for larger diameter pipes, in sanitation boxes or connection branches to the public collector. We use compressed air machines for simpler jobs (siphon and toilet), making prices more affordable, K60 machines for removing dirt and limescale on the wall of pipes and pipes and we use high pressure machines for more demanding unclogging, whether it be of a plumb of the building, sewage boxes or in branches. This powerful tool also solves situations of clogging of toilets when the source is the sewer box, removing all the dirt accumulated in the pipes.

Our work is carried out with maximum safety and hygiene. We unclog pipes, drains, drains, sewers, downspouts, bathtubs, toilets, washbasins, dishwashers and resolve all types of obstructions quickly, effectively and economically, whether in private homes or commercial areas.

If you are looking for an unblocking company, contact us and request a free quote now

Unblocking price

The best unblocking price is here!
Don't worry if you have to call an intervention team because of a clogged pipe. At LPA Desentupimentos you will find a service with cheap unblocking prices and where the quality guarantee will not be compromised by the low value we present. We only work with qualified technicians. Don't wait any longer, book your unblocking now at an affordable price.

Unblocking service

We have an unblocking service equipped with the best solutions on the market to solve your problem. At LPA Desentupimentos we are able to respond to any type of situation and emergency. Call us and ask for a free quote for unblocking services. Whatever the problem, LPA Desentupimentos solves it.

24 Hour Picket

Did your sink suddenly clog up while washing the dinner dishes? Did the toilet clog late at night or at the weekend? Don't worry, we at LPA Desentupimentos have a 24-hour picket service that will help you at any time of the day or night. Just call and our technical team goes to the site to assess the problem and solve any clogging. The 24 hour picket is a service of LPA Desentupimentos created specifically for the most urgent situations.

Unclogging Sinks

We are at your disposal to unclog your sink whenever it needs maintenance. The accumulation of food scraps, fats and other residues in the sink leads inevitably to clogging, as well as pipes, passage boxes or siphons. The dishwasher unblocking service of LPA Desentupimentos is specialized in unblocking all the residues that are preventing a correct flow of water. We are quick to intervene and even quicker to resolve. Contact and ask for a free quote for unclogging the sink.

Unblocking toilets

If your toilet does not drain as it used to, it is best to hire professional help to unclog the toilets before the problem develops into a situation of greater inconvenience. Talk to us and we will try to send you a technician to assess the problem and employ the appropriate techniques and tools to unclog the toilets to bring normality to the sanitary drainage. Remember that there are many homemade techniques that can be used to unclog the toilets, but when none of them solves the situation, LPA Desentupimentos can handle this for you, with maximum efficiency and the greatest possible cleanliness.

Sewer unblocking

At any time, you may need to clean the sewers and at that time LPA Desentupimentos will be a reference company you can count on. Whether it is an emergency intervention or a maintenance request, unclogging drains is a job that must be carried out by certified plumbers for that purpose. The correct flow of domestic or industrial waters must not be neglected, otherwise it will cause flooding in the buildings or unpleasant odors. Regardless of where you are, speak without delay to LPA Desentupimentos to schedule your drain unblocking, at the best prices and with a guarantee on the work done.

Unblocking pipes

When a pipe starts to become clogged, the first reaction is to use chemicals to unclog pipes that can be harmful to the environment. Therefore, hire a professional pipe unblocking company such as LPA Desentupimentos to unblock the plumbing in a totally safe and effective way. With us you can count on the best plumbers on the market to solve your problem in comfort. We have pipe unblocking pickets available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to support you in urgent situations. Contact LPA Desentupimentos and ask for a free, no-obligation quote for unblocking pipes throughout Lisbon, the south bank and the surrounding area.

Unclogging sewage boxes

Regular maintenance of the domestic or industrial sewage system is an adequate means of preventing bad odors and clogging. Talk to the professionals at LPA Unclogging and check your unclogging of sewer boxes now to avoid any major problems. Our plumbers are certified technicians to unclog and clean the pipes, using mechanized tools and means, and without breaking or damaging floors. If you want a high quality service, talk to LPA Unentupimentos and ask for more information about our methods of unblocking sewer boxes.

Unclogging pits

Put an end to bad odors in your home and avoid flooding situations with the LPA Desentupimentos septic tank unblocking service. We carry out the entire process of aspiration and transport of septic waste to authorized treatment plants. Deliver specialized work like this to teams with the necessary experience to accomplish it. Talk to LPA Unclogging for septic clogging services, at very affordable prices.

Bathtub unclogging

One of the most common services for which we are hired is the unclogging of bathtubs. The main causes of bathtub clogging are the accumulation of hair in the drain which, together with the fats derived from hygiene products such as shampoos, shower gel and soaps, form a paste that hinders the normal flow of water. When all the techniques to unblock the drain fail, contact us to proceed with the unblocking of the bathtub. Our team of plumbers uses their own tools for cleaning and unblocking pipes that will leave you surprised by the speed and efficiency with which they work. Mark your bathtub unclogging now with LPA Desentupimentos.

How to prevent clogging

The main reason for clogging in the kitchen, both in the w.c and in the drains of the balconies is the lack of information.
In most cases the reason for the blockage is the material blocking of the house's plumbing and this can be due to a number of reasons. Let's list some of them:
In the kitchen, this is the most common and happens due to food scraps in the sink. To avoid this, you should clean the dishes coarsely; another solution is to apply a food crusher, inside the pipeline, which will crush them making the flow easier.
In w.c. the most common cause of clogging of the washbasins, shower or bath base is essentially hair that is deposited in the pipes. One of the ways to avoid clogging is to regularly clean the drains once the hair becomes entangled and forms a network that blocks the normal flow of water. With a small twisted wire at the end, pull the visible residue at the beginning of the pipe.
In the toilet, In this case, the reasons for the clogging may be toilet paper, dressings or even ordinary cleaning wipes that are not biodegradable. To avoid this, these materials must be disposed of in the trash. There are those who try to unclog the toilet with a rubber plunger, which is usually not effective.
In the washing machine pipes, Here the reason for the blocking of the pipes has to do with objects left in the pockets of the clothes we put on to wash. To avoid this, the contents of the laundry pockets must be checked before putting them into the machine. Sometimes it results in a hose being inserted into the pipe in order to push the material from the lock into the sewer. However, it can solve the problem or clog the sewer.
Whenever you are unable to prevent clogging, call an unblocking specialist. Call by 964 340 525 | 914 755 671 Whatsapp for LPA Desentupimentos and stop the clogging! Available 24 hours, every day of the year, 7 days a week!

Clogged pipe

Do you have a clogged pipe? At LPA Desentupimentos we have the answer for any type of situation: pits, clogged pipes, toilets, sewers or dishwashers, whatever you need. Whatever the complexity of the problem, our unblocking teams solve the problem of your clogged pipe quickly and effectively, in addition to being available 24 hours a day to assist you. Call us now and ask for a free quote for that clogged pipe that is causing embarrassment at home.

Replace the plumbing

Don't wait any longer to replace your home's plumbing. When your plumbing begins to show signs of wear, precautions must be taken. Replacing the plumbing at the right time can prevent major problems like the spread of water on the walls of your home. Don't let issues like time or money keep you from replacing your plumbing when needed. The value we practice for replacing plumbing is quite economical and the execution time is relatively quick compared to other solutions on the market.

Repair of broken pipe

When you need to repair a broken pipe, quickly contact LPA Desentupimentos and request the intervention of our plumbing team. We are certified to diagnose and repair a broken pipe quickly and safely. Don't wait any longer to take care of your plumbing. Call and ask for our best price for repairing a broken pipe or for any other plumbing and sewer problems.

24 Hour Pick-up Pickets

Our picket line is at your service 24 hours a day. This service is performed by experienced professionals. For more information about our 24 hour unblocking pickets, call us and speak with one of our assistants now. At LPA Desentupimentos we are prepared to help you at any time and resolve with all professionalism and rigor any type of interventions, from the simplest to the most complex.

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