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Video Inspection

Specialized service with video system to inspect ducts, sewers and pits.

We solve all types of plumbing and conduit clogging.

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Unblocking the Toilet

Talk to us and we will try to send you a technician to assess the problem and employ the appropriate techniques and tools to unclog the toilets to bring normality to the sanitary drainage. Remember that there are many homemade techniques that can be used to unclog the toilets, but when none of them solves the situation, LPA Desentupimentos can handle this for you, with maximum efficiency and the greatest possible cleanliness.

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Pit Cleaning

Put an end to bad odors in your home and avoid flooding situations with the LPA Desentupimentos septic tank unblocking service. We carry out the entire process of aspiration and transport of septic waste to authorized treatment plants. Deliver specialized work like this to teams with the necessary experience to accomplish it. Talk to LPA Unclogging for septic clogging services, at very affordable prices.

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Chimney Cleaning

With regard to kitchen chimneys, depending on whether or not there is an exhaust fan and also on the intensity of use, they may need more frequent cleaning. And in order to obtain maximum efficiency in the extraction of smoke and to prevent the entry of wind, dust and other obstacles to ventilation, gyros should be mounted at the chimney outlet. For each specific case, our team has the right solution, detecting cracks, blockages or other malfunctions!

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Whether you have already needed or need our services, stay with our contact because you do not know when we will be able to be useful to you. Attendance en Lisboa, Margem Sul e Arredores.

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24 Hour Pick-up Pickets

Our picket line is at your service 24 hours a day. This service is performed by experienced professionals. For more information about our 24 hour unblocking pickets, call us and speak with one of our assistants now. At LPA Desentupimentos we are prepared to help you at any time and resolve with all professionalism and rigor any type of interventions, from the simplest to the most complex.

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